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Digital Drop Off Booth


  • Unlimited Digital Images and Videos

  • Unlimited Boomerangs

  • Unlimited GIFs

  • Airdrop/Text photos instantly

  • Share to Social Media instantly

  • Live Online Gallery

  • Custom Overlays/Graphics

  • Filter Options

  • Custom Template Option

  • Choice of Complimentary Backdrop

  • Click here for FAQ’s

Starting at $400 for 2 hours (minimum of 2 hours required)

Annapolis Photo Booth Co.


  • Additional Hour(s): $100/hour

  • Idle Time: $50/hour

  • Personalized Start Screen: $25

  • Add On Neon Sign: $100 

  • Glam Feature Add On: $25

Quick Info

  • Set up at least 2 hours prior to your event

  • Completely self serve

  • Sends images and videos directly your phone

  • Attendant free

  • Removed immediately following the contracted time

  • Are there travel fees?
    For locations farther than 25 miles from our location in Annapolis, Maryland, there is a $1/mile round trip fee.
  • What is the GLAM Feature?
    Glam smooths skin, makes eyes more doe-like, and adds facial glow. But you'll still look like you!
  • When does the Photo Booth get set up for my event?
    This will vary - but we like to set up AT LEAST 2 hours prior to the event starting.
  • What is required to reserve my date?
    A 50% retainer is due when booking to reserve your date. This goes toward the total cost of your package! You may add add-on options later, such as backdrops, features, etc.
  • How much space does the Photo Booth need?
    Ideally, a 12x12 foot space! - this gives plenty of room for moving around, though we can set up in an 8x8 foot space at a minimum.
  • What is a custom overlay?
    Think Snapchat filters with locations, or colors and borders - that is exactly what this is! We customize the overlay to match your event perfectly!
  • Can I have the Photo Booth outside?
    The photo booth can be outside, though it absolutely must be protected from elements and be in a covered spot. Thinks like wind, rain, sun and heat can damage the unit and cause it to not work for your event, or any after yours. It cannot be in temperatures lower than 45 degrees, or greater than 85 degrees.
  • Does the Photo Booth require WiFi?
    It does for uploading photos to the gallery, or sharing; however, if your venue does not have WiFi, or the WiFi goes down, the Photo Booth will continue to take photos, which will be uploaded to the gallery, and can be shared once the WiFi is restored, or connected.
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