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Annapolis Photo Booth Co. has an option for every event, and every need! Digital only? No problem! Prints? No problem! Nothing is out of reach....

Annapolis Photo Booth Co.

Curious what props we have? Check them out here.

Here for the Drop Off?

Look no further! Our Drop Off Booth is perfect for those who want a low key, low maintenance and economical option for their event while getting all images directly to your guests phones. We will set up your booth, and return for it at the conclusion of the event.

Click the link below for more info!

Looking for Digital Only?

Our Party Booth is the perfect option for you, it's a mixture of green (no paper!) and affordability, while still giving you the perfect unique aspect to your event, with us making sure all is well and bringing professional lighing in tow!

Click the link below for more info!

Do you want prints?

Our Lux Booth is your jam! Get everything digitally, but your guests can also print all they want! 

Click the link below for more info!

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